A Letter from our CEO

by Vikram Bhatnagar
Letterfromceo main

Dear Customers & Partners,

After an epic two year journey building up the best digital IoT system, we felt it is a good time to refresh our brand as part of our strategic global realignment and to reaffirm our vision: To create a leading IoT solution called the Akenza Core.

Hivemind shaped our way through the IoT industry in Switzerland and Akenza will pave our way through the global IoT industry as we respond to more demands for our services in other parts of the world.

The authenticity of our company culture upstands the transition. Our rebrand means that you are now seeing a new logo, website, company name, brand and communications. Our company owners and staff remain the same.

As always we strive to deliver a seamless service to our clients and partners as if they were an extension of our inner circle, with transparency and fast paced solutions at the core of our work. This remains with a fresh new vigour, you can count on team Akenza to be the backbone of your IoT solutions and we hope that you embrace Akenza with confidence.

For and on behalf of all of us at Akenza,


Vikram Bhatnagar

CEO, Akenza