Game Changer: Mauro D’Amico Appointed as Head of Business

by Sandro Hostettler

Mauro D’Amico joins the Akenza team as newly appointed Head of Business. We are happy to welcome Mauro with his extensive knowledge as he embarks on a new challenge leading the Akenza business team. Mauro has dedicated the last few years forming and supporting the sales organisation of Oracle Digital.

With Mauro’s leadership skills our Business team will benefit from a long term approach to business, something that Mauro nurtures as a culture in the workplace as well as upholding short term milestones and goals with positive drive.

Welcome Mauro Intro

As Head of Business at Akenza Mauro is looking forward to focus on this convergence and help Akenza customers achieve their goals.

Technology was always front and center in his life. Growing up, Mauro was exposed to new and old technology through his father dedicating hours to fixing and exploring the potential of technology. This curiosity and discovery influenced Mauro’s love of learning and inevitably led to his working in the IT industry. His natural curiosity helped him transition into different roles and finally saw him work abroad as a Solution Engineer for a big tech giant. During that time Mauro applied his knowledge to help build up a new country hub. As part of a special team he was tasked to work closely with internal and external stakeholders to work out processes and to optimise and manage the internal workings of the sales organisation. This is where Mauro is most at home - where Tech and Business converge and change the game.

In his freetime Mauro is an avid hiker and enjoys the great outdoors. Here he walks the famous Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Mauro on one of his walks

Please join us in welcoming Mauro to team Akenza.